Ease of Use

  1. Undo Velcro straps and unfold cushioned seat
  2. Place unfolded cushion unto bench seat with Velcro tabs side of seat facing down.
  3. Extend straps underneath bench seat and attach to velcro tabs on underside of seat cushion.
  4. To fold seat up, simply undo straps, fold one end of seat over middle section of seat and the other end of seat under the middle section, and wrap the straps around the folded seat and attach to the Velcro tab on the underside of the seat.

“I received my BenchBuddy’s today. They look fantastic and will work very well on my picnic table when we go camping. The green color is very nice. Let me know if you come up with additional products. Thanks again!” – Ian Theriault, Saint John, NB

When unfolded, the cushions are 69 inches in length and 10.5 inches wide.